Best Wax For Black Car, 9 Easy Tips To Preserve Your Car’s Looks

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Best Wax For Black Car – We are all determined to keep our car in a showroom-like condition for many years to come when purchasing it. However, ultimately, it rarely happens in the long run. The reasons can be many, but if you are not lazy enough, here are some tips and tricks to keep your car shiny and clean.

1) Protect from the sun

It’s better to park your car in the garage, and if you don’t have it, the shaded room should help keep the sun from falling. The least you can do is to use a car cover (costs around Rs 2000, but varies according to the type of vehicle) to ensure your car is well protected around. Beware of good lucks (bird droppings) in your parked car because it can bring bad luck to paint your car.

Tip: We know black cars look amazing but they also tend to attract more heat and dust. So, if you can, avoid darker shades.

2) Wash periodically

The most obvious approach to keeping spicks and car spans is to wash them regularly. Although you can clean it almost every day, you should also visit car washes that can even wash the bottom of your car. Use water to clean everyday but you have to practice “cleaning two buckets” once or twice a week so that your car looks fresher. When doing that, fill one bucket with clean water and the other with soapy water (do not read the label on the bottle to check how much liquid you need to add). You can use any of the branded ones, but we recommend 3M car wash liquids. Rub the surface of the car gently with a clean sponge and rinse with a high pressure water spray. In order to keep your car paint shine, we suggest you do this exercise once a week.

Tip: Getting a layer of wax occasionally (once in three months) can extend the life of your car’s paint. You can get Liquid Max from Meguiar to get the job done.

3) Use microfibre cloth

We recommend you use a separate microfibre cloth for exterior, interior, and dust. Use a different cloth to wipe dry because using the same wet cloth will leave a vortex in your car. You can use ordinary cloth to clean your rims and tires. This exercise will help you clean the car without leaving a scratch. Typical microfiber fabrics will cost around Rs 200 to Rs 250. Good quality micro fiber will be thicker and will have a ratio of 70:30 polyester and polyamide. Buy cloths with different shades making it easier for you to tell the difference.

Tip: Avoid washing the car when it’s hot or under hot sun to avoid harmful effects on paint.

4) Broken? Fix that part immediately

Damaged car body with open panel will likely rust quickly. Get repairs as soon as possible because it will not only burden you in the long run, but can also cause accidents if damage occurs in critical parts of the car.

Tip: Keep checking the hidden parts under the bumper or wheel wells as it is not easy to see the damage to the body.

5) Exit, don’t enter!

Avoid eating / drinking / smoking in the car. No matter how many treatments you take, your sandwich crumbs or burgers are likely to fall. If you spill a drink that is even worse because it can leave stains on the seats and carpet of your car. And smoking will certainly leave a smell that will continue to burn. As soon as you see a liquid spill, clean it. Try not to store edible items on dashboards and chairs. Use cup holders to place coffee cups and cola cans.

Tip: Always keep some garbage bags in your car. You can put garbage in the garbage bag as soon as it’s done, to avoid the smell spreading in your car.

6) Watch your shoes before entering

Yes, the biggest source of dirt and dust in the cabin is your shoes. A little tap on your shoes before entering will really help you maintain the cleanliness of the car.

Tip: Try tapping your shoes on the ground or you can sit on a chair with your feet outside, knocking shoes at each other and turning in.

7) Get your car in detail occasionally

While being a DIY person is a good thing, the professional detail of your car makes sure it stays new, always. The details will remove smaller scratches and blur bigger ones too. We would recommend this exercise twice a year but that also depends on your use. In addition to detailing, we suggest you choose a synthetic paint sealant for added protection of your car paint.

Tip: Detailing can be a bit expensive (costs between Rs 4,000 to Rs 10,000, depending on body type / vehicle size) but don’t avoid spending a few extra dollars because it will help keep the paint shiny.

8) Empty the cabin

No matter how much you try to keep your cabin clean, small dust particles tend to stick to your cream-colored upholstery (less visible dirt on gray or black upholsteries). A visit to a service center will ensure that dust is eliminated even from areas your hands can not reach, such as in an AC vent.

Tip: You can also get a useful vacuum cleaner and do the task for yourself, even when traveling.

9) Coating: Teflon vs. Ceramic

Teflon coating is not very durable. In fact, you need to complete it every six months. In addition, choosing Teflon coating often damages your paint in the long run. On the other hand, the ceramic coating is made of a hard material, which forms a protective layer over paint that can withstand chemical etchings and even protect the car from rust.

While the teflon coating is affordable, the cost anywhere between Rs 4,500 to Rs 7,000 depending on the car body type, the ceramic coating is expensive and ranges from Rs 18,000 to Rs 35,000. We recommend a ceramic coating on teflon as it will keep your car paint in mint condition for longer periods.

Tip: Do not fall for the trick of upselling from the dealers when you go to get your car coated.