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Best Car Radio – The car sound system is not something most of us will not take for granted. A quality car stereo head unit gives you the most control over your music including how crunchy the sound is, how deep the sound, how loud the sound is, and so on. In 95% of the case the car radio factory radio OEM unit sounds mediocre at best, this is where it gets a bit of fun. There are different types of head units that you can get, first starting from 2 main categories.

You will be very familiar with a single head unit because of its size. There is no large LCD screen that is interesting to see with one din, a nice classic and simple head unit function that is most appreciated with this style. The last style is the “Double Din” head unit, this is basically 2x the height of a normal single head unit. Normally you’ll see it with a 7-inch or more LCD screen, with a more customized interface (video player, backup camera backup, navigation, etc.).

Whether you are looking for a cheap car stereo head unit or, the top of the line model featuring sharp graphics and sounds, the 10 stereo car reviews below will help!

10. Kenwood DDX372BT Double Din Bluetooth Car Radio Receiver

Coming as our # 10 spot is a Kenwood DDX372BT Bluetooth radio receiver. This model in particular is a two din stereo unit, featuring a beautiful 6.3 inch touch screen LCD is on. The buttons can be lit, along with various background adjustment options (available under settings). Maximum power output is 50 watts amps per speaker and 22 watt RMS per speaker. With

There is no AUX port on the front; it is located at the back of this unit (together with AV and microphone input). When using regular USB, CD, DVD, and radio components, you can access all front faces. Lastly, it is fully compatible with iPhone which allows voice commands, calls, Bluetooth, and Pandora.

9. JVC KDR-330 Car Stereo Receiver

One of the most common and most basic head units you can get, the JVC KDR-330 Car Stereo Receiver places it a few levels above the OEM factory. Being a one-din design, what you get is very accessible. With detachable faceplate, you can reduce motor vehicle theft drastically. This unit puts 50 watts of MAX amps and 20 watt RMS amps for each of the 4 channels you can hook.

EQ and AUX inputs are right at your fingertips, giving you the ability to control your sound system (great for when you run a subwoofer). Use CD to play any MP3 or WMA format tracks, or hook up your MP3 player and instantly run your music through a single din radio unit using AUX input. One of the best car stereo receivers with a budget that you can get now and is very easy to install.

8. Clarion CZ302 Bluetooth CD / USB / MPS / WMA Radio Receiver

Moving up in style and cost, Clarion’s Single CZ302 head unit. Wise styling looks much better that the JVC mentioned above, along with the white and black LCD track screen gives a sharp yet delicate look. Built-in Parrot Bluetooth allows you to pair your wireless device for hands-free communication and streaming audio + You can even connect Pandora and control it from the head unit itself.

If Pandora is not yours, you can use the SerriesXM satellite radio functionality in it (requires a subscription to SeriesXM to work). Connect the device using a USB port located on the front, use EQ to set sound, and AUX input to play your MP3 music tracks. For about 100 dollars, this is about what makes us comfortable paying, GREAT increase from OEM but not too expensive.

7. Pioneer AVH270BT Double Din Bluetooth Car Radio Receiver

Place # 7 we have a famous brand named Pioneer, their Double Din AVG270 head unit is much cheaper than some of the Kenwoods double stereo models. This one specifically offers a flat face with no buttons at all, all buttons for setting and volume. The touch screen is by no means the clearest in resolution, but it gets the job done pretty well allowing you to customize a variety of settings.

Hands-Free Bluetooth calls and streaming audio allow you to communicate, without physically touching your phone. Along with a variety of different settings that can be accessed from the touch screen, you can also access the USB, AV, and AUX inputs located on the back of this receiver. The sound output is rated 50 watts amp MAX for each of 4 channels, and 20-25 watts amp RMS. If you consider all these expensive, you are wrong. 180 dollars gives you the whole package, not a bad value proposition at all.

6. Sony DSXA40UI Digital Car Radio Receiver

You probably already know that Sony makes some amazing products, from HDTV, Video Game Consoles, Windows Computers, and do not forget, audio equipment. # 6 goes to digital head unit Sony DSXA40Ui Single Din. A sleek style, fitted with a nice black-on-black color scheme that looks very hidden. What you find here is not anything out of the ordinary except the fact that you can access the AUX and USB ports just behind the lid. What’s good here, is that the port can remain hidden with the flip cover.

As always, the 100% front panel can be removed to reduce vehicle theft. The power output from this head unit is about 55 watts of MAX amps and 20 to 25 watts RMS amps. The RCA output for external amplifiers is present, allowing you to expand your sound system. Finally, typical things like EQ and FM / AM radio adjustments are all present. The wireless remote control lets you stay away from the system, without actually “moving away”. The best way to start your special sound system, check out this Sony model.

5. Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Double Din 7 “inch Touchscreen Radio Receiver

By far the most expensive head unit we have in this top 10 list, we have a Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Double Din 7 “inch unit. Right off the bat you’ll see the price is quite a penny, but it looks like the feature can be justified for that. The first obvious sign of a premium product is a slightly larger LCD screen at 7 “inches (compared to 6.2 inches). The LED backlight display provides a livelier color beneath the animation, as well as a backlit button that gives this unit a clearer view at night. It features hands-free Bluetooth calling and audio streaming, so the AUX cable is not required. However, if AUX cable is required, you can have direct access from the rear (as well as access to RCA output).

This touch screen looks very clear and clean, allowing you to make a light touch (like on a smartphone) to do whatever commands are given. To complete this special review, we’ll discuss the cool features that iPhone owners will love. It’s called CarPlay, and basically lets you have access to iPhone base apps in the head unit itself. Make calls, listen to music, use Apple Maps, read text messages, listen to podcasts, and some other cool features.

This review may take a while with some features, but we will minimize it here. For the best double din head unit and Bluetooth car stereo, look no further than this Pioneer AVH-4100NEX.

4. Alpine CDE-143BT CR Radio Receiver

Moving back to a single din head unit, we have the Alpine CDE-143BT Digital Audio Receiver. This head unit is not meant for cheap car stereos, but it is meant to blend your existing Alpine equipment together. Gives you a classic look with volume buttons and black / white LCD screens, here’s the definition of quality made from Alpine. It boasts 50 watts of max power and 20-25 watts RMS for each of 4 channels. From the front you will be offered AUX and USB ports to play music and charge your device.

Use Bluetooth integration to listen to music, receive calls, and make outgoing calls (directly from the head unit). Lastly, it is the simple layout of this Alpine model. You can adjust the volume, switch from different stations / tracks, choose your favorite pre-set stations, and customize your EQ for the type of sound you really want to hear.

3. BOSS AUDIO BV9976B 7 “inch Touchscreen Bluetooth Radio Receiver

BOSS is not Alpine or Pioneer when it comes to credibility and quality, but that does not mean that all of their products suck. A good example of a very popular double car stereo head unit is BOSS AUDIO’s BV9976B 7 “inch Motor Touch Screen Unit. What’s great about it is the cost savings that will occur when you buy this particular unit. Look at the comparable Pioneer and Kenwood units, they are 180-300 dollars vs. this unit is at 120 dollars. First is the savings, here are the important features that make this head unit recorded.

At 85 watt drives on each of the 4 channels, the RMS rating will be between 40-45 watts. The front face is easy to use, lit with bright LEDs. When you open the 7-inch LCD screen, you can listen to the radio, listen to the disc, use Bluetooth handsfree, or stream music. The front-of-control features you normally find on a single-head unit, what you ALSO find here are the AUX, USB, and SD Card ports for music. This is probably the best-made double car stereo head unit, for budget-oriented buyers.

2. Kenwood KDC-255U Receiver In-Dash CD Radio (USB + AUX)

The enormous seller of Kenwood was his native radio receiver at KDC-255U. The price is very affordable around 60 dollars, this produces a classic unit head display while still looks modern and slim enough. The front features of the USB port along with the AUX port for streaming music directly from your music device. One thing that fits this head unit is Pandora, allowing you to switch from song to song, and rate your thumbs up or down right from the head unit.

Out of all 4 channels available, you can run 22watt RMS amps. Use the included RCA cables to really increase the juice by hooking the aftermarket amplifier. Overall, this is an easy unit to install, no doubt one of the best cheap stereo receivers you can get now from ANYWHERE. More than 270 individual user reviews and an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 say it’s worth a competitor.

1. Pioneer FH-X720BT Double Din Bluetooth Car Radio Receiver

No doubt one of the most popular double head units you can buy online today. The FH-X720BT pioneer takes the double din approach while still in the “look” of a din. What we like best about this unit is the night time appeal, because it’s mainly black with LED accents around it. The controls on the front of this unit are very accessible, especially the volume controls located directly in the center of the unit.

Bluetooth for hands-free calls and wireless audio streaming is a very useful feature. Voice recognition that supports iPhone makes it easy to make outgoing calls without touching your phone. With two RCA outputs on the back, you can connect an external amplifier to really increase the sound output from the factory is 50 watts max and 25 watts RMS per channel (4 total).

Be under 100 dollars, over 760 individual user reviews and 4.5 stars out of 5 as average.