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The Best Cars – Car shopping means balancing the quality, features, performance, and comfort you desire with the price and cost of long-term ownership you can afford. Best US Best Car News for Money award puts the spotlight on a model that gives you all of the above. The award includes 14 different automotive classes, and each winner has the best quality and value combination in each segment.

How We Measure Quality
The Best US Car Rank is the starting point for the Best Car for the Money Award. Our rank is the best in the business when it comes to providing clear advice to car buyers, actionable, and unbiased. Based on the consensus opinion of the automotive press, and not just our own test drives and ratings, ratings give you a bird’s eye view of what automotive professional journalists think about cars, as well as insights about their safety and reliability.

How We Measure Value
In addition to using data from our ratings to measure quality, we also work with some outside partners to measure values. For pricing data, we switched to TrueCar, the company that tracks real-time transaction prices for new cars.

Since the best car is a good value in the long run and not just the day you buy it, we work with Vincentric to collect the total cost of ownership data. These data take factors such as fuel, insurance, and repair costs over five years to give you a clear picture of how much having a given car will cost you.

We combine Vincentric data on the cost of ownership with TrueCar price data to measure the value of the vehicle.