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Best Pioneer Car Stereo – Whether you want to stream music or make calls while on the move, the latest Bluetooth car stereo head unit lets you budget whatever

You just need to see the latest aftermarket head unit entering the market to see how important connectivity with smartphones in the car lately.

These connected units not only can make hands-free calls through the sound system to help you stay on the right side of the law when you are behind the wheel, but they are also a source of music both directly from the handset and through the app. such as Spotify, whether you are streaming from your phone or using a wired link.

In addition, many drivers use their smartphones as sat-navs thanks to accurate and cost-effective traffic alerts on the latest navigation app.

Good compatibility with the phone is critical to the head unit, and often one of the reasons drivers choose to upgrade from a standard system in their car. So which head unit offers the best connectivity? We paired our phones with eight to find out.

How we test it

We tested our head unit using four phones: the Apple iPhone 5 and 6S, as well as the Android-based S5 and HTC 10 phones.

Each system is evaluated for ease of connection with each phone, both wired and wireless. Call and voice command quality are also assessed. Other elements we are looking for are iTunes and Spotify resolution, including cover art and titling.

Units with screens rated for easy loading and using navigation applications. The last factor is the typical cost; Our test unit head covers a variety of budgets, and we take prices from various sources as we press.


Smooth and well-scaled phone connectivity sees the Pioneer AVH-Z5000DAB take a slim win in this test, ahead of the powerful Sony XAV-AX100. The JVC KD-X342BT secured the third place due to its excellent cable sound and great value, while we found Alpine X802D-U delivered the best quality Bluetooth audio in this test – perhaps unsurprisingly given the £ 1,400 price tag.

1. Pioneer AVH-Z5000DAB
2. Sony XAV-AX100
3. JVC KD-X342BT


Pioneer AVH-Z5000DAB

Double-inch DIN-double touch screen is perched on the new Pioneer Z188 Z series. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay features, just like the AppRadio Pioneer Mode for a long list of music source integration, plus navigation like Google Maps and Waze. Two phones can be connected, and you can easily switch between them. Together with Sony, it has the best ‘n’ rotary performance. Voice control includes turning off the music by saying it to ‘pause’.

Sony XAV-AX100

Sony has a 6.4 inch screen. Volume buttons are easier to use on the go, and double as voice voice activation. You get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and both show up when the phone is connected. The Android transition from plug-in to Bluetooth becomes clumsy. The sensitivity of voice commands is excellent, including the response to dial numbers for dial. Bluetooth pair is fast, but the resolution of cable music is better.


The budget set only has a USB port on the front – the latest version that supports the hard disk. Inserting iPhone brings almost instant connection and Bluetooth installation are two push buttons. The title of the song and artist is clearly displayed. Sound quality is great on track, but trailing wireless. Plug in our Android phone to download the Play Music JVC app. Linking it awkwardly and preparing it to the ‘Android’ source involves the unit viewing the file, not Spotify.

Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB

The Pioneer 7 inch touch screen mechless is more Android friendly than most; enable Auto Connect and you can go directly to the USB port for easy search of music files. Like most modern head units, it is designed with priority for Apple integration and hands-free Siri control. Android Auto also delivers voice control. Plus, it will integrate Google Maps or Waze for voice navigation. The connection to Android phones is worse than the Z5000, but Apple’s integration runs smoothly.