Car Alarms Best Buy, The Prestige APS997E doesn’t have the flashy reptilian brand of Python or Viper to strike fear into a baddy’s soul, but the value makes up for it. This car alarm has high-end features, including a remote start and two-way pager, at a midrange price.

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Car Alarms Best Buy – Will the best car alarm on the market, whether $ 25 or $ 200, have a stunning 120 dB siren, a two-stage sensor and an additional port to expand the system with optional slope sensors, glass breaking sensors, or other controls. After a closer look at alarm and comfort features taking into consideration the price, my pick for the best car alarm is Prestige APS997E. The system has almost all the same features that you find in a $ 200 car alarm, including a long-range startup system and a two-way pager, but it costs only $ 118. Although it does have some small things, like super long distance and silent alarm, the difference the price makes up for it.

Overall Best
Prestige APS997E
The Prestige APS997E does not have a fake Python or Viper reptile brand to attack the fear of being a baddy soul, but its worth makes up for it. This car alarm has high-end features, including a remote start and a two-way pager, at midrange prices.

Two-way Paging LCDs do not have a mile range of reptile brands, but a distance of 2,500 feet (only 160 feet less than half a mile) is more than enough for most drivers. How many times have you found yourself more than a mile from a parked car? AS997E is compatible with Carlink, a GPS car tracking device made by the same manufacturer. It’s like the Viper SmartStart and Carlock – you plug in a cell-based device into the car’s OPS connector, and data from the car is synced to the app on your phone. If your car is stolen, you can track it. You can also use it to monitor machine performance and keep teenage drivers in check. Since this device is the next step in car protection technology, it is important for car alarms to have compatibility with this device. With four additional outputs, you can expand the car alarm alarm sensor by adding additional sensors or you can add controls. For example, you can add a glass shatter sensor to protect against piercing, tilt sensors to protect against illegal pullers and immobilizer engines to turn off the engine. It uses one of the additional output to start away, a valuable convenience feature. Combined with a two-way pager, you can start the car remotely, measuring the internal temperature of the pager until it is comfortable.

The best value
Avital 5305L
Produced by the same company responsible for Viper and Python car alarms, Avital 5305L is the budget version of this high-end reptile brand.

It has almost all the same features as this $ 200 car alarm system: dual phase shock sensor, two-way pager with LCD screen, start up distance, and four additional ports for system expansion. But it provides these features about $ 100 make Avital 5305L car alarm with the best value. The biggest difference between the Avital 5305L and the reptile brand is the leg range of 1,500 feet in both directions. High-end brands have mileage – an impressive specification, though largely impractical. People do not usually walk a mile from where they park. So, unless you regularly find yourself more than a quarter of a mile from your parked car, there is no reason to look for a more expensive car alarm. If you’re worried about the value of having a Viper or Python sticker warning (a significant deterrent to itself), you can buy it at Amazon for a few dollars. Another difference between Avital 5305L and high-end brands is the lack of SmartStart compatibility. Viper SmartStart GPS is a module that is added to the alarm to provide car tracking and performance monitoring. This technology moves away from “making loud noises in the hope it attracts attention” to live alerts to your phone with a range limited only by mobile networks. Avital 5305L is the most affordable car alarm I’ve reviewed with long-range start and two-way pager. While the remote start is an excellent convenience, a two-way pager is a more important feature. It notifies you when the alarm sounds, whether it’s a tweet alert or a fully-activated alarm. So, you know what’s going on with your car even if you can not hear the 120-dB siren, as long as you’re within the range of 1,500 feet.