Best Deal On New Cars,The brands that will give you the biggest discount off a new car REVEALED

The Ten Best New Car Deals You Can Get Right Now - Best Deal On New Cars

Best Deal On New Cars – The brands that will give you the biggest discount of a new car REVEALED

New research shows that average car buyers save about 8.3 percent when buying a vehicle between March and May this year.

The What Car? The Target Price Report uses a mysterious shoppers analysis in 7,500 new cars sold in the UK and found drivers can save around £ 2,581 on manufacturer list prices.

There are only 218 sales models offered without any discounts at all.

While drivers can still pocket savings, discounts have actually been flat on the market even though new car sales fell 6.8 percent in 2018, with 1,079,049 sold so far.

Dealers are struggling due to a recent drop of 30.6 percent in diesel sales in 2018.

To try and attract motorists to buy diesel, the cars are offered at an equivalent price of £ 888 (8.8 percent compared to 7.9 percent) of the price list compared to their gas equivalents.

more than a quarter, due to a 36.1 increase in sales year on year.

The best discount car manufacturers are DS with an average discount of 13.06 percent on models like DS 3 and DS 5, followed by Seat with 12.98 percent savings on the popular Ibiza, Arona and Ateca models.

Volkswagen and Volkswagen volume sellers also appear in the list of most profitable offerings with 10.39 percent and 11.54 percent, respectively, on popular models such as Fiesta, Focus, and Golf.

The biggest discount on offer is 25.44 percent of Seat Toledo. That’s the equivalent of paying £ 12,434 for a list price of £ 16,675. Top 10 discounts also cover everything from city car Seat Mii to BMW 7 Series luxury sedans.

At the end of the table, Porsche (0 percent) and Dacia (0.96 percent) offer a small maneuver when it comes to earning money from the price list.

Steve Huntingford, What Car Editor, said: “This is an attractive market for anyone who wants to buy a new car today.

“As demand for diesel continues to decrease, supply on electric cars actually began to shrink since March.

“However, even though the overall discount has been flat, our Target Price data shows some manufacturers are still struggling for your money at a substantial discount.

“The slowing of discounts could be a sign that dealers are delaying their best deals until new models are introduced later this year to meet stringent new emissions standards.

“Buyers should continue to check our updated Target Price guide regularly to see when it is best to sign on the dotted line.”

Buyers can secure this discount using Car What? New Car Buying Service, featuring the best deals based on the cars they want and their geographic location, saves time, money, and hassle of bargaining.

Discount 10 major manufacturers (March to May 2018)

1. DS -13.06 percent

2. Seat – 12.98 percent

3. Volkswagen – 11.54 percent

4. Renault – 11.42 percent

5. Peugeot – 11.04 percent

6. Ford – 10.39 percent

7. Volvo – 9.83 percent

8. Skoda – 9.50 percent

9. Citroen – 9.47 percent

10. Smart – 9.36 percent

Discount 10 manufacturers down

1. Porsche – 0.00 percent

2. Dacia – 0.96 percent

3. Ssangyong – 2.08 percent

4. MG – 79 percent

5. Land Rover – 3.91 percent

6. Subaru – 4.26 percent

7. Infiniti – 4.35 percent

8. Jeep – 4.76 percent

9. Lexus – 5.05 percent

10. Mazda – 5.22 percent

Top 10 model discount (May 2018)
1. Toledo Chair 1.0 TSI 110 SE

OTR Price: £ 16,675

Target Price: £ 12,434

Discount: 25.44 percent

2. Fiat Punto 1.2 Pop + 5dr

OTR Price: £ 11,900

Target Price: £ 8,900

Discount: 25.21 percent

3. Volvo S60T4 [190] SE Nav [Leather]

OTR Price: £ 28,500

Target Price: £ 22,085

Discount: 22.51 percent

4. BMW 7 Series 750i

OTR Price: £ 79,175

Target Price: £ 61,358

Discount: 22.50 percent

5. Volkswagen Passat 1.4 TSI S 4dr

OTR Price: £ 22,030

Target Price: £ 17,129

Discount: 22.25 percent

6. Mercedes-Benz SL 400 AMG Line 9G-Tronic

OTR Price: £ 76,985

Target Price: £ 59,904

Discount: 22.19 percent

7. Mii Chair 1.0 Design Mii 5dr

OTR Price: £ 10,560

Target Price: £ 8.408

Discount: 20.38 percent

8. Volvo V60 D3 [150] SE Nav [Leather]

OTR Price: £ 31,210

Target Price: £ 24,870

Discount: 20.31 percent

9. Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost Titanium Navigation 5dr

OTR Price: £ 21,540

Target Price: £ 17,305

Discount: 19.66 percent

10. Volkswagen Golf SV 1.5 TSI 150 GT EVO DSG

OTR Price: £ 27,575

Target Price: £ 22,425

Discount: 18.68 percent

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