Best Used Luxury Cars Under 25000, Upscale And Affordable: Top Used Luxury Cars Under $25,000

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Best Used Luxury Cars Under 25000 – It’s hard to find a real bargain in the used car market these days. In the first quarter of 2015, analysts reported a 7.1 percent increase in the prices of used vehicles in the same period of the previous year, to a record high of $ 18,088 per unit.

Even so, that is much less than the national average for new vehicles, which stands at around $ 33,500 according to Kelley Blue Book. In addition, the astute bargain hunters can still find a three-year-old car of good quality, and a luxury model no less, for much less than that. We examined the NADAGuides used car pricing database and got 15 of what we believe are the best used cars and estimated crossovers in retail sales for less than $ 25,000.

All the cars that we highlighted in the slide presentation (with information and full comments on prices) were originally sold for up to $ 40,000 or more when they are new, which makes them not only especially good deals, but also modest means. to move to the luxury class. And these are not necessarily junk pots, either. Our list includes some of the most popular luxury segment attractions, including the iconic BMW 3 Series sedan and other top models from Audi, Cadillac, Lexus, Infiniti, Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz.

“Used retail prices are at least $ 6,000 to $ 25,000 below the new price for new or newer vehicles,” says Jonathan Banks, executive analyst at NADA Used Car Guide. “That’s a great savings for consumers who are in a non-luxury car.

To be sure, the most economical way to drive a state-of-the-art luxury car is to choose a Lincoln MKZ 2012 mid-size sedan. It may not be as elegant or sophisticated as the same-sized models of the European brand troika, but neither is it so expensive to buy and own. It is spacious, comfortable and quiet, includes a V6 engine and includes innumerable features, all for around $ 18,000 for a base model at a dealership.

The aforementioned Series 3 is certainly the sportiest model of 2012 among our luxury offerings, followed closely by the Audi A3 hatchback and the A4 sedan, the BMW 128i coupe and the Mercedes-Benz 250 Sport Sedan. Those looking for additional interior space can choose the Cadillac CTS sedan or wagon, the Lincoln MKS or the Infiniti G37 sedan. You can also find three-year luxury crossovers for less than $ 25K and include the Cadillac SRX, Infiniti EX35 and the Land Rover LR2. Those looking for a “greener” luxury car can choose between Lexus CT 200h or HS 250h gasoline / electric hybrids.

Being all of the 2012 model year, most of those you will find in the second hand market come from leases and, therefore, should have a reasonable mileage on the odometer and be in top shape. Most must come with at least one year of original warranty, and you are likely to find many of these “certified” second-hand vehicles through used car dealerships of new car dealers, reconditioned to exacting standards and sold with an extended warranty (check the websites of the car dealers for current inventory and details).

As with any automotive transaction, be sure to negotiate with a seller to get the lowest possible price and avoid paying extra for high-profit add-ons such as rust protection and service contracts. Ask for a history search of CarFax titles or another source to make sure the vehicle has not been previously flooded or rescued. We also suggest buying from a reputable car dealer to avoid possible scams that are allegedly committed through spurious sellers on Craig’s List and other Internet sources.

The fine print: all of our premium used luxury vehicle selections are from the 2012 model year, and are supposed to be in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition with around 45,000 miles on the odometer. It is estimated that each of them will be offered at the price indicated for basic models and configurations, as estimated by the NADA Guidelines; This is the amount a dealer will ask for a given model, although negotiated prices will likely be lower. Keep in mind that the values of used cars tend to vary according to the region and according to the mileage, characteristics and condition of the vehicle. Consult the NADA Guides or other online pricing source to know the current prices in certain models / configurations in your general vicinity.