Due to the nature of the car’s operation, its paintwork inevitably loses its attractiveness and shininess. There are many factors behind such occurrences, including temperature drops, precipitation, corrosive elements, stone chips, and small gravel flying out from under the wheels. Such elements not only destroy the paintwork but also diminishes the reselling value of the car. 

The polishing procedure performed by the best car service center in Mumbai will not only help bring back the car to its original appearance but also keeps the body protected from aggressive environmental influences. Nowadays, there are two primary types of metal and non-metal treatment: machine polishing and hand polishing. 

It is a common belief that hand polishing is often of higher quality and more gentle. After all, a professional mechanic works pointwise without removing the paintwork from adjoining areas, as usually happens with a polishing machine.

If you lack funds for an expensive car repair or simply don’t want to trust your “palace on wheels” to some strange roadside car repair service Mumbai, you can fix the body surface yourself. According to the complexity of polishing involved, different procedures will be needed: 

  • Paint polish (liquid, pasty or aerosol);
  • Buffing machine with various wheel attachments;
  • Surface grinding paste;
  • Sandpaper of different grain sizes (with an index of 1500 and 2500);
  • Foam sponges;
  • Rubber scraper;
  • Flannel fabric;
  • Water.

Modern market offers numerous body polishing products with various compositions and functionalities. To make the right choice, assess the condition of the car’s paintwork before purchasing a polish. If there are no evident scratches or chips, and your goal is to bring back the perfect look and shine of the car, get an inexpensive polish with protective properties that can prevent damage. 

If the car’s body is severely scratched, with visible marks, polishing without the help of a special abrasive agent is absurd. A highly corrosive agent can help you remove the old varnish, and when you polish it with a low content of abrasive particles, it creates a water-repellent protective layer. According to the experts, you must use polishes with 3M abrasives for cars. In addition, all the polishes can be divided into classic and synthetic, depending on the production method. Usually, synthetics polish are much more resistant to sudden temperature changes, UV radiations, and harmful chemicals. 

Stages of work involved: 

  1. Soak the sandpaper in water to make it softer.
  2. Rub the affected area with “soft” sandpaper. Then clean the surface from the dust using a rubber scraper, a soft brush, and water. 
  3. Lubricate the affected area, apply a thin layer of highly abrasive paste, and polish it in a circular motion with a polishing machine. 
  4. Clean the treated area with water. 
  5. To bring back the shine, apply the non-abrasive paste to the treated surface and polish it using the machine with a soft nozzle. 
  6. Wipe the polished surface with a damp cloth and assess the results. If it is not glossy enough, repeat the polishing with a soft wheel.

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