Use of a car seat is very important to safeguard the infants during long travels. It is also known as a child safety seat. When you decide to travel along with your small baby, you should consider the use of baby car seat because it can protect your child in a better way. Today you can find wide range of car seats in the market. Mamas and papas online store is a best place to purchase the premium quality baby car seats. The use of Mamas & Papas coupon can help you to get big discount offers on baby products. Here are some things that you should know before to purchase the baby car seats.

Follow Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard:

If you are living in Kuwait, you should follow the vehicle safety standard of state. Prior to install the car seat you must know how to install the baby car seat. Do not purchase the used car seat because it may have missing or damaged parts. If you have no info about the installation of car seat, you should get professional help. There are present many car seat inspection stations in Kuwait to get help. Mamas and papas online store offers the top quality baby accessories. You can also use the mamas&papas coupon to get instant discount offers.

Know the Types of Baby Car Seats:

The baby car seats are categorized on the basis of age, height and weight of children. If your baby has weight around 35 pounds, you can choose infant-only seats. This car seat is designed for newborn and smaller infants. However you may need to replace this car seat when your baby outgrows it. The baby car seat should be installed to face the rear of the car. When the baby weight increases up to 40 pounds, you should use a convertible seat. It can easily withstand the weight around 30 kilograms. At mamas and papas online store, you can see the best collection of all types of car seats. Get the latest Mamas & Papas coupon to enjoy the big discount offers on baby products.

Forward-Facing- Only Seats:

This type of baby car seat is designed for children from 30 to 90 pounds weight. Some models of this type of baby car seat also support the weight up to 37 kilograms. You can use forward-facing car seat for a long period of time. It offers sufficient space and room for legs. Some vehicles also come with built-in car seats. The use of belt-positioning booster seats is also fine for children. Make sure to check the user manual prior to install the baby car seat. Feel free to visit mamas and papas online store to find your desired baby products. Get the Mamas & Papas coupon to have amazing discount offers.

Follow Standard Safety Rules:

Do not try to use a rear-facing baby seat in the front side. Make sure to use the seat belts to make sure the safety of your child. When you need to use a booster seat, you should disable the air bag for the entire ride. Mamas and papas is a best online store to buy baby accessories at discount price through Mamas & Papas coupon.

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