A private number plate can be an excellent investment, but it’s essential to know how to sell your private number plate if you ever want to get the most out of it. This can be tricky, especially if you don’t have much experience in selling cars or other items with a value beyond their utility. The first step to selling your private number plate is listing it on auction sites, such as eBay and AutoTrader, where you can attract the most amount of interest and receive the best offers.

Step 1 – Set The Asking Price

You’ll want to work out how much you can ask for your plate, balancing between what you paid for it and its desirability. For example, if a similar one sold recently for £3000, you could realistically set yours at £2000 or even £1000 (if it’s unusual). Set a minimum price so you don’t waste time with people who aren’t seriously interested.

Step 2 – Decide How You Want To Market It

Selling privately is a great way to offload your reg if you don’t want any involvement in selling it yourself or if you want instant cash. You can also sell via an auction which means your car gets more exposure and potentially results in a better sale price. If you opt for an auction, consider listing with one of our partners. It’s free, there’s no obligation and they offer great value service, so why not give them a try?

Step 3 – Promote It

Your hard work is done! Now it’s time to get out there and promote your business. One thing that you need to think about at all times is putting in a little extra effort. Once you have perfected a product, sales will follow. However, if you are going through life just doing enough, then your business will fall flat on its face.

Step 4 – Deal With Inquiries

Once you have managed to get a customer inquiry, you need to respond as quickly as possible. This is a crucial point because if they aren’t responded to in 24 hours then many people will just forget about what they were looking for and move on with their lives. Your response should be straightforward and provide them with all of their questions answered so that there are no doubts in their mind that they would like to take up your services or products.

Step 5 – Get It Sold!

So you’ve decided to sell it? The best way to get top dollar for your rego is through a private sale. If you’re looking for a buyer, advertise online and reach out to people you know personally (you can use things like Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn). You can also post an ad in a newspaper or magazine that targets car enthusiasts.

Sell Your Number Plate With CarReg!

It is not forever instant, but in many cases you can obtain a trade value if you wanted to sell instantly. In other cases where an quick sale isn’t possible registration agents will advertise on your behalf for as long as it brings in order to sell your number plates to a ready customer.

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