Upkeep of your apartment is one thing of the two-way street. Like a tenant, you’ve certain responsibilities for preserving your apartment. The Owner also offers certain maintenance responsibilities. You’re, in business sense, partners within the well-being of the apartment. So, let us explore the responsibilities inside your maintenance partnership.

You, the Tenant

Prior to signing your lease, ask the owner or his/her acting agent how you can report a maintenance request or safety issue. There might be a particular form, an urgent situation contact telephone number, or perhaps an online system for reporting your concern – or any mixture of the 3.

As lengthy while you live in your apartment, you’ll have some ongoing housekeeping responsibilities, including:

• Correctly getting rid of garbage, rubbish, and waste.

• Keeping plumbing fixtures as clean as you possibly can.

• Using all electrical, heating, ventilating, A/C, sanitary, and plumbing systems appropriately.

• Using all common area facilities like elevators, stairways, laundry rooms, etc., appropriately.

• Repairing or replacing that which you break or damage.

There’s two remaining required particular importance:

• You’re expected to maintain your apartment in as neat and safe an ailment as you possibly can.

• You have to quickly inform the owner of harm, defective, or harmful conditions either in your apartment or perhaps in the most popular areas.

Consider the advantages of as being a considerate and positive tenant:

• You might be creating a good-will relationship using the landlord, acting agent, or both. That individual might be very likely to granting an periodic favor like granting yet another automobile parking space on the temporary basis, or any other consideration.

• You might be more prone to get a positive reference whenever you proceed to the next apartment.

The OwnerOrBehaving Agent

The owner (or even the landlord’s designated acting agent), is accountable “to keep your rental unit inside a livable condition.” This can be a significant responsibility beyond a legitimate obligation for you.

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