Owning a Mahindra Roxor means being part of a unique community of off-road enthusiasts who value durability and performance. To enhance and maintain these rugged vehicles, finding the right parts and accessories is crucial. One standout supplier in this niche market is On The Rox Fabrication, known for its high-quality products and dedication to the Roxor brand.

Enhancing Your Roxor’s Capabilities

The Mahindra Roxor, with its robust build and off-road capabilities, offers a solid foundation for customization and enhancement. On The Rox Fabrication taps into this potential, providing a range of products designed to elevate the Roxor’s performance and durability. Their catalog includes essential upgrades like bumpers, sliders, and exterior armor, each crafted to withstand the rigorous demands of off-road driving.

Customization at Its Finest

Customization is more than just adding parts; it’s about tailoring your vehicle to fit your specific needs and lifestyle. On The Rox understands this, offering accessories like cargo carriers, doors, tops, and enclosures that not only enhance functionality but also provide a personalized touch to your Roxor. Whether you’re preparing for a rugged adventure or simply enhancing your vehicle’s aesthetics, they have the solutions to meet your needs.

Performance Upgrades for the Enthusiast

For those looking to boost their Roxor’s performance, On The Rox offers engine and performance upgrades, gears, axles, and drivetrain enhancements. These components are engineered to improve power, handling, and overall driving experience, making your Roxor a formidable contender on any terrain.

Quality and Reliability

At the heart of On The Rox Fabrication’s success is their commitment to quality and reliability. Manufacturing products in the USA, they ensure each item meets high standards of durability and performance. This commitment is reflected in their comprehensive installation guides, which facilitate seamless transitions to road or off-road use, empowering customers to undertake their own installations confidently.

Expertise in Fabrication

Behind On The Rox Fabrication is Westfab Custom Fabrication, LLC, a company with a decade of experience in creating custom-built off-road vehicles. Their expertise spans across street rods, drag cars, off-road race trucks, and rock crawlers, showcasing a broad spectrum of automotive excellence. This rich history informs the design and manufacturing of On The Rox products, ensuring that each part is not only functional but also embodies the spirit of innovation and quality.

Tailored for the Roxor

Recognizing the unique appeal of the Mahindra Roxor, On The Rox introduced a product line specifically tailored for this vehicle. This range includes practical solutions like signal kit conversions, glass windshields with wipers, and oil pan skid plates, all designed to enhance the Roxor’s functionality and reliability. Furthermore, their roll cages and component armor provide essential safety upgrades, ensuring a secure and enjoyable off-road experience.


For Mahindra Roxor owners, choosing the right parts and accessories is essential for maximizing the vehicle’s potential. On The Rox Fabrication stands out as a reliable source for high-quality, USA-made products tailored to the Roxor. With their extensive range of custom parts and performance upgrades, they provide everything needed to enhance your Roxor’s functionality, durability, and overall performance. Their expertise and commitment to quality make them an excellent choice for any Roxor enthusiast looking to elevate their off-road experience.

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