With the constant expansion of the automotive market, the demand for vehicle transport services grows considerably and requires practical and reliable solutions for those who simply need to move to another city or region and do not want to drive a long distance. To meet these needs, Shiply offers car transport service providers of all sizes and budget, with complete safety and quality. Check out the advantages of choosing the services.

Cutting edge technology

A professional car transport company has around 100+ state-of-the-art conveyor equipment to ensure adequate and efficient transportation. Vehicle transport is done in modern stork trucks or in well-equipped tow trucks and trailers, in cases of intercity collection and delivery. Through the trackers, it is possible to know the route from the starting point to the arrival point. This way, you know where your vehicle is and have an idea of ​​when it will arrive at the indicated delivery location.

Guarantee from start to end

Vehicle transport is protected by an exclusive insurance policy. The route has 100% coverage against any risk: from accidents, including damage occurring within the carrier’s yards or support points. There is a maximum indemnity limit for coverage, but there is also additional insurance for damages.

Preset routes

The routes are defined in advance and the routes include passage through our operational bases. Besides being tracked by GPS/GPRS, vehicle transport trucks are registered with regulatory agencies, having special licenses to perform each operation. Choosing the best routes brings more security so that your vehicle arrives in perfect condition at the destination.

Safety rules

Road safety standards are another criterion strictly followed in the transport of vehicles. The fleet complies with the established timetables and speed limits and has several protection tools in case of any kind of unforeseen event: fire extinguisher, cargo lashing straps, triangle and signaling cones, lighting items and reflective strips for traffic in dark places.

Assistance from trained professionals

In order for the work to be carried out with excellence, the team is made up of highly trained professionals and experienced drivers, who are evaluated every six months by a team, specialized in risk management. Therefore, good service, practical problem solving, agility in processes, punctuality and commitment are some of the main characteristics offered by the employees.

Door to door vehicle transport

Designed to provide maximum comfort to customers, door-to-door transport is synonymous with convenience and practicality in all situations. The service can be requested either by individuals or companies. Service is practical and fast. The staff will collect the vehicle regardless of the owner’s location.

Choose what most matches your needs

Safety, reliability and low price are things that go together at such online shipping platforms. Here, you will find a differentiated and exclusive service, for demanding customers, who are looking for speed, fair prices and safety when transporting vehicles. Discover the types of displacement available and choose the option that best suits your needs.

The transport of vehicles in the stork truck is an excellent option for people who need agility in driving and delivering cars, as they offer great performance and are essential for the responsible delivery of high-value cargo, which could be moved slowly and gradually.

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